An Indoor and Outdoor Alarm System With The Experts At The Bottom Of The Company

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Many of you have probably seen the infomercial on Cove Security from CCTV World. This company offers “real time protection from the outside”. The infomercial promises to protect your home or business against a variety of threats including; break-ins, fire, floods, intruders, and more. Does Cove Security live up to their infomercial? I decided to do my own research to find out.

Indoor and Outdoor Alarm Systems

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Like many other companies that offer home or business security systems Cove Security has two plans; a “standard” plan and their unique “motion detection” system. I decided to go with the standard plan since I have always had a security system already installed in my home and I wanted to upgrade to the newest technology. To start the process of evaluating this company I contacted them and spoke with a qualified installer, who explained all of the components of the system and the installation process. I also had to ask some questions to make sure I was choosing the right product for my home.

After the conversation with the installer I decided to move forward with Cove’s standard plan and look at the options they provided for my home. My first question to the representative was about their base price. I asked if there were any discounts for me because I was going with the base price since I am the one paying for the system. I was told that there were no such discounts available. I was surprised that there was no discount for me because I am an experienced security system owner and knew that I could not get the same system with cheaper installation.

My next question was about the motion detection system that they provided. I was curious about what type of system I would be getting since there are many different options available. Again, I was surprised to learn that the price did not include any type of home automation features. I was pretty disappointed about this because it meant that I would have to purchase those upgrades on my own.

After getting all of my questions answered I wanted to see what the base price included. The representative informed me that they offer a three year warranty and a four year warranty on the motion detector system. I was very happy to know that the installation was free since I did not purchase it at the time of purchase. I wanted to verify this so I asked to see the total price including the installation.

Once I looked at the total cost I was a little confused since I thought that I was just being offered the alarm panel and not the motion detector. Since the two are separate components I wanted to know what the difference was between them. Again, the representative was very friendly and helped me understand everything that I needed to know about the security equipment. I was happy that I got all of the information I needed since I was concerned about making a mistake when choosing the products. I wanted to make sure that I was getting quality products that would work properly for my homeowners.

I decided to purchase an indoor camera and motion detector combination package. I knew that I was getting a great deal on both items. The representative explained to me that these items worked together to provide a complete home protection system. He showed me all of the controls that were included in the package and I was able to get a good look at the setup. He also provided me with the key remote and added that I could also get a key remote with the flood sensor. This combination set up was very easy to use and looked professional.

End note

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The entire security system consisted of an indoor camera, motion detector, door sensor and a key remote. I was very impressed with the quality of the products and the attention to detail that I saw from The Experts. I now have complete peace of mind by having all of these products working together as one seamless system. The brand name companies do not stand behind their products like they do their customer service and it is definitely a good thing that I went with a well known brand name.

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