Cleaning Your Golden Goose Kitchen Gadget

golden goose kitchen gadget

The Golden Goose kitchen gadget is one of the newest and most innovative to hit the market. The gadget was developed by Consumer Reports’ editors in order to give consumers an idea of what they could expect from this unique new appliance. While many consumers were not happy with the lack of a self-cleaning feature, others loved the idea of having such a useful kitchen tool. However, the most common question that most asked about this product is whether or not it is actually a goose. To better understand whether or not this new kitchen helper is actually a gander or simply an inflated rubber duck, we have gathered all the relevant information in this Golden Goose Review.

Golden Goose Kitchen Gadget: Cleaning

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First of all, ganders come in two forms. There are self-cleansing type ganders that require a special liquid in order to clean them. If you do not want to buy this kind of gander, you can also purchase a water-based version. The self-cleaning types run on normal tap water and need no special cleaning solutions or cleaners. The water-based variety requires some water and liquid detergent in order to remove food particles from the interior surface of the device. Once the food becomes trapped, a rotary brush on the side of the unit allows you to clean the gander thoroughly without any risk of contamination.

In order to clean this type of product, all you need is a spray bottle and some warm water. Use the spray bottle’s water hose to saturate the exterior of the device, then let the water run until it has dried completely. Once this task has been completed, you may rinse the gadget with clean water. The only thing left for you to do is place the device in a dishwasher.

While many people claim that the use of water to clean a Golden Goose gander is effective, there are still those who would like to use the water-based variety because they believe that it lessens the danger of getting food particles into the air. However, you need to keep in mind that not all food particles can be removed by water alone. Hence, the question remains whether or not you need to get a vacuum cleaner to accomplish this task.

Tips For Washing

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If you want to buy a Golden Goose kitchen gadget, one of the most recommended cleaning methods is the soapy water method. Simply add some warm water to a container that can hold about one quart of water. Next, add some mild soap or dish soap. Make sure that you follow the label instructions when choosing which specific kind of soap or dishwashing soap to use. For stubborn food particles, you may need to get the assistance of a vacuum cleaner.

To begin the cleaning process, carefully wipe the surface of the Golden Goose with a soft towel until all food particles are removed. Do this task in small sections at a time. Then, add another round of dry towels to finish off the cleaning process. Afterward, rinse the surface of your gadget thoroughly using cool water and dry it under sunlight before putting it away.

Things To Know

If you have a Golden Goose that uses propane as fuel, then you need to keep the tank out of contact with any kind of water. If the propane gas in your kitchen gadget runs out, you would not want the water in the tank to get contaminated. Also, it would be dangerous as well as very hard to clean up the gas left behind in case it leaks. For this reason, you should remove the propane tank from your device immediately upon buying it. Doing so will prevent any kind of water or fuel leakages from taking place.

Bottom Line

In case your Golden Goose device does not come with an internal cleaning unit, then you might need to use a sprayer and a wet/dry vacuum to clean up the device’s interior. The cleaning agent that you choose to use should be appropriate for the material that you have bought your Golden Goose with. You can use products such as kitchen cleaner or citrus solvent to clean your device. You should ensure that you dry the cooking device completely before placing it back on the shelf where it belongs.

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