Everything About ADT Home Security System- FAQs Pros and Cons

adt home security

When it comes to safety, many believe in adt home security system. These are the most recommended professional security system providers in the U.S. What makes them unique is their customer-specific equipment that customers can choose as per their needs rather than buying a comprehensive system.

However, they are not the right fit for everyone. Read to know more about them.

What is included in the adt home security system?

Customers can choose between three packages. First is a basic security system, second is a complete security system that comes with smart home integration facilities, including video surveillance equipment. The third is a smart system with a smart home integration only.

You can choose as per need or customize the system, which will include the following equipment:

  • Outdoor camera
  • Flood sensor
  • Indoor and outdoor siren (separate)
  • Smart light bulbs
  • A smart plug
  • Glass break sensor
  • Smoke sensor
  • Door and window sensor
  • Temperature sensor, etc…

They also offer price options wherein you can either pay monthly for both monitoring and equipment or pay only for monitoring per month. You will have to pay the equipment cost full for the second option.

ADT home security system- pros and cons


  1. The company offers several options to cater to all the needs of customers, making it their first choice.
  2. It also provides home automation options.
  3. Buyers can get back their money if not satisfied with the equipment and services
  4. All the equipment are of high quality
  5. They also offer a large monitoring network for wide surveillance


  1. One reason that can make you not buy adt home security system is the price. They are expensive, so they might not fit everyone’s budget.
  2. The company offers a contract of three years, and professional installation is required.
  3. It offers a mobile application for making monitoring easy, but the app may be difficult to use for some.

Common FAQs for adt home security system

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What is the warranty plan?

The home security system comes with an extended plan that secures the equipment and also offers no charge for repairs. However, it is applicable only for online purchases. Even if you have bought a customized package, the plan is applicable.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, customers can get a refund within a 6 months time period.

How is monitoring done?

Customers can either monitor online via the app or landline phone, which is now not an option given by many companies. But this poses a risk as an intruder can easily bypass the landline monitoring system.

Do they have distress codes?

Yes, customers will get set up codes in case of an emergency that will directly connect them with authorities. In case of emergency, one can use them to signal for help.

Adt home security system company is the most trusted in the country. It has a wide network of authorized and independent dealers. They have professional installers and customer service agents who are always available for help. One can connect them easily via email or call for any queries and customer service.

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