Top Six Kitchen Accessories For Beginners

kitchen accessories

If you are planning to sharpen your cooking skills and set up your kitchen in the best possible manner, consider investing in some utility pieces. Start with simple and absolutely necessary ones as the starter pieces. Keep your batterie de cuisine minimal and classy. Be very particular about choosing the correct kitchen gadgets and keep the kitchen clutter low. These kitchen accessories will definitely add a new dimension to your kitchen and will aid you in easy cooking.

Topmost Amongst The List Of Kitchen Accessories: The Chef’s Knife

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A good chef’s knife will be the best friend in your kitchen. You will thank yourself later for investing in a good chef’s knife. Carbon plated stainless steel bodies. Buy a knife that you feel you will be comfortable handling. Go for a knife that feels balanced in your hand, and you have a grip and control over it. Even if it looks classy, don’t invest in some flimsy and heavy knife. The knife is one of those kitchen accessories which will be used regularly in the kitchen. It is very important that you take good care of the knife.

Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears are a very basic yet super useful accessory. It helps you open up the packaging, cut the stems or trim herbs, or trim out the fat from meat. You can use these shears to cut up a whole chicken or trim the crust from a pie. Invest in a pair that can be dismantled for cleaning, so gunk or anything doesn’t build up in the hinge of the shears and restrict its working.


Metal tongs are not very costly and will last you a lifetime. They come very handily in turning very hot chicken breasts in the pan while roasting them. They come in handy in picking up any hot and dry food item. They also come in handy and are great for serving a classy dinner.

Cast-Iron, Stainless, Or Non-Stick Skillet

Cast iron pans are made with sufficiently thick and heavy bottoms and sides and get evenly heated to quiet high temperatures, and are able to retain the heat for a fairly long time for good cooking. They have a rustic appearance and can go right from the stove to the tabletop. They are almost indestructible, and if you take care of the skillet for a long time, it will last you a lifetime. A non-stick skillet won’t stain, and it is crazily versatile. A stainless-steel skillet doesn’t chip away the way a non-stick one can.


A colander helps you wash vegetables and fruits, drain pasta and other boiled stuff. A colander can be balanced on the edges of a sink. Look for metal or ceramic colanders because they are sturdier than plastic ones.

Cutting Board

A sturdy and stable surface is extremely important for chopping. A wooden cutting board helps protect the knife you use from dulling at a fast rate. It also helps to make cleaning an easy affair. It is strongly suggested that one avoids the use of plastic or glass cutting boards even if they are dishwasher-friendly. They can blunt your knives and are dangerously slippery. They can cause mishaps. 

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